Tobacco box and Netsuke. Guri type carved lacquer with spiral motifs.

Late Edo period Lacquer

Tobacco box and Netsuke
  • Tobacco box and Netsuke

  • 【 Dimensions(mm)】
  • Tonkotsu:H 87.5 x W 76.5 / 62.0g
  • Netsuke:H 25.1 x Φ43.0 / 13.4g
  • 【 Date of production 】
  • Late Edo period
  • A highly unusual guribori “tonkotsu” (tobacco box). This piece is crafted with great care. An elegant piece that shows the skill of the craftsman in every single detail. The etymology and appropriate Chinese characters for the word, “tonkotsu” remain unknown.
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