QDHow can I make enquiries about Mokume-Gane or the Mokumegane Research Institute?
ADWe accept questions and enquires by email at npo_mokumegane@yahoo.co.jp. However, as there is no full-time staff, it might take some time to reply. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
QDWhere can I learn Mokume-Gane technique?
ADThere are some schools for jewelleries that hold seminars and workshops. Please make enquiries to those schools directly.
A.It is available at major bookstores, the 7 net shopping website, and Amazon.
QDCan I use the photos in the TEXTBOOK OF MOKUMEGANE?
ADPlease contact us by email clearly stating the name of the photo you would like to use and the purpose and media of usage at npo_mokumegane@yahoo.co.jp. Please understand we might not be able to meet your request with respect to some photos. Also, a usage fee might be incurred depending on the photo or usage purpose.
QDCan I see the collection of Mokume-Gane at the Mokumegane Research Institute?
ADAt present, the collection is not exhibited to the public.
QDI would like to put a link to the Mokumegane Research Institute website on my website.
ADPlease contact us at npo_mokumegane@yahoo.co.jp with the address of your website.