The Japan Mokumegane Research Institute was established on December 26, 2003 as the only Japanese NPO in the field of metalsmithing.
At the Institute, we study and preserve the Mokume-Gane technique as well as other related skills and culture. Furthermore, we aim to broadly promote Mokume-Gane, a 400 year old metalsmithing technique unique to Japan.


Statement of Intent for NPO Establishment

Many of the Japanese time-honoured techniques and their histories have been passed on as valuable cultural heritage through the handing down of skills by craftsmen or by word of mouth. While some traditional techniques have been continuously maintained over the generations, unfortunately, there are others that have become obscured over time.

Japan's world-renowned Mokume-Gane has been one of the techniques that have suffered this fate. Mokume-Gane, Japan's unique metalsmithing technique, originated in the Edo-era about 400 years ago. It adeptly utilizes the different colour metals to form woodgrain patterns. Today, with many of the Mokume-Gane craftsmen in their late sixties or older, it is our urgent mission to record this once-said lost technique and compile its history.

The NPO Japan Mokumegane Research Institute conducts publishing and collecting of Mokume-Gane works in addition to the study and reproduction of the original technique. Through these activities, we strive to preserve and promote this precious traditional Japanese technique.

Our Activities

Research and Study

We execute research activities in coordination with research institutes in Japan as well as abroad.


Masaki Takahashi




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